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Childrens Residential Holidays


2014 Childrens Holidays


Sunday - Thursday Nights  (or stay just one or two nights)

16th February 

6th April

13th April 

26th May  (Only 4 Nights Available this Week) Mon - Friday

27th July 

3rd August 

10th August

18th August (Only 4 Nights Available this Week) Mon - Friday

24th August

26th October


The Programme:  Own a pony for the week.  Example:-

7.30am – breakfast call

8am breakfast.

9am collect pony from field, groom, tack-up – under supervision 

10am. Riding lesson

11am brush off pony, give hay and water then receive a stable management lesson.

12.30am  - 1.45pm lunch

2pm ride, lesson or hack

3.15pm groom pony, clean tack.

5pm, afternoon tea.

Followed by -  i.e. garden games, ball game, table tennis, swimming,

7pm – supper

8pm, film, card game, walk etc

10pm lights out.


Activity breaks through all school holidays and some weekends
Lots of riding, pony care and outdoor fun
Good home-cooked food and large airy farmhouse accommodation
Qualified or experienced instruction and adult supervision
ABRS approved

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A typical day consists of feeding and grooming the horses and ponies, tacking up, and about 2 hours riding - all under instruction. We mix all this up with swimming, games, films, picnics, barbecues, ball games and walks, so the day and evening are as full as you want them to be. Those looking for a less energetic day may relax instead - it's your holiday: just tell us what you want. We can accept mixed abilities and ages.  Beginners will not ride with the more experienced, and some of the social activities will be split by age.


Length of stay



Full day 10.00-4.00

60 pp inc. simple lunch


1 day; 1 night

120 pp

148 pp

2 days; 1 night

230 pp

280 pp

3 days; 2 nights

340 pp

420 pp

4 days; 3 nights

450 pp

565 pp

5 days; 4 nights

565 pp

720 pp

6 days; 5 nights

675 pp

820 pp

7 days; 6 nights

790 pp

950 pp

14 days; 13 nights

1450 pp

1790 pp

Prices quoted above include two hours riding each day, meals and overnight stay(s).


‘A’ List applies where children are actively involved on the yard.  They help catch, feed, water and groom, muck out and tack up their horse or pony and look after them throughout the day.


‘B’ List applies where guests wish to have a ‘groom’s service’.  The guest’s horse/pony is caught, fed, watered, mucked out, tacked up ready for them to ride, and taken from them when they have finished riding.


Child extras:         Lunch 5.00 (sandwich/soup, fruit, soft drink)
                            Supper 8.00
                            Bed & Breakfast only 30.00

(Swimming and off-site trips (e.g. cinema, bowling etc.) are subject to parental agreement.)

We accept cash, debit or credit cards.




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Body Protectors - Cullinghood strongly encourages all of its regular riders to invest in a body protector, especially children and anyone wanting to jump. 
These are not a necessary item of riding wear, but can significantly reduce the risk of injury in a fall.

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