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Royal Berkshire












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`Simply the Best´






We offer Part / Assisted Livery / Working /  Grass  and retirement .



Stunning new brick stable complex with individual post and rail turn/out paddocks if required.






150 acres fenced for horses.






Resident Staff






The hacking in this area of outstanding natural beauty is glorious, either on site or in the surrounding countryside.






The Hilton






This magnificent new brick building offers luxurious stabling, plus reception rooms and lavish human accommodation.






The Historic Yard






Large traditional brick stables, a listed octagonal barn, a mews courtyard, plus stabling under cover.






The Care - pampered horses, staff live on both sites.






The Grazing - 150 acres fenced for horses. Individual turn-out paddocks available. Mares and geldings are not mixed.






The Facilities - Soft Track arenas -  60m x 40m and 50m x 25m






Lunging Pen - on waxed sand






Jumping Paddocks - are available for use May - October, a human companion with mobile phone is mandatory.






Cross Country Course - newly built cross country course with jumps of varying heights and type. Further jumps and course are being planned






Specialist lessons in dressage and show jumping.






Clean Toilet and Rest Room.






A large car park






Sensational Hacking - Approx 400 acres on site including bridle tracks, woodland rides, open fields and grass gallops. We are in an area of Outstanding Natural Beauty therefore the views are captivating.





The Offsite hacking is also excellent with various bridleways & extensive woodlands.






The Ridgeway is approximately 4 miles away and is self explanatory.

Our insurance company have asked that all livery owners wear a riding hat up to the current safety standard when riding anywhere on the premises, they also suggest that all livery owners/helpers wear a hard hat up to the current standard for turning horses out / bringing in from the paddocks. We ask all liveries to comply with this practice.

Livery Prices (per calendar month):

Part - £650 - On straw or 1 bale of shavings per week extra at cost  
Part weekdays/DIY weekend - £550 - Bedding as above
DIY Grass - £145 with a stable £180

Stable only £60

Assited Livery - Please contact us for pricing

Full muck-out
Skip out
Feed over door
Feed in field
Feed taken to field
Turn out
Turn Out & Rug Change
Bring in
Bring in & Rug Change
Pick feet out
Assist vet/farrier
Brush over
Full groom
£4.00 (based on horse in indiviual paddock)
£4.00 Times to suit Cullinghood
£4.00 Times to suit Cullinghood
£7.50 per half hour






One Visit and you will be hooked.

















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