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Cullinghood Equestrian Centre

Wellbeing Retreat For You & Your Horse


Welcome to our wellbeing retreat for you & your horse page

Have you been looking for a wellbeing retreat that is purely about the wellbeing of you and your
horse? Where it is about what your horse enjoys as much as what you enjoy?

Then our wellbeing days might be just the right thing for you!

Enquiries can be directed to Kirsten via

About us

I have always been passionate about horses and well-being. Since I was a young girl I dreamed about
having my own horse, we would ride without any tack, our thoughts would melt together and we
would experience ultimate happiness and freedom.

In 2018 I met Nafal, who was at that time a 3 year old Arabian whom I fell in love with. Since day 1,
he has been my greatest teacher. He has taught me everything about feel, resilience and love.
I have met incredible people thanks to him. People who see horses for the amazing creatures they
are. Creatures to whom we should give the respect and dignity they deserve.

I have set up the wellbeing days aiming to contribute to the wellbeing of you and your horse.

All our days are non-ridden, fully catered for and led by experts in their field.

Thank you so much for being part of our journey

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To start the year we will celebrate the (National) Horse Well-Being day on 25 March with donating money to a horse charity for horses who are less fortunate than ours. Acts of kindness taking place at Cullinghood for the horses living there will be rewarded with a donation to a horse charity.

Previous Wellbeing Retreat Days for You &  Your horse

Heartmath and Horses - How coherence enhances compassion and connection
Lisa Brice, one of the UK Heartmath Coaches, talked us through the science behind the
Heartmath techniques. She taught us what heart coherence is and how it impacts on our health
and wellbeing and that of our horses. We practiced the Heartmath techniques to positively
influence our heart coherence and were shown the impact of our thoughts on a real time
monitor! Very impressive and inspiring to see the direct impact of positive thoughts on our heart

Equine Communication and Body Language
This session was led by Vicky Jayne Yates, a very experienced Equine Communication specialist.
She taught us how our horses communicate with us and how we can use techniques to open up
a two-way dialogue with our horses.

Tellington TTouch Clinic
This session was led by Tina Constance, a TTouch qualified specialist. T Touch offers a training

method that encourages optimal performance and wellbeing. TTouch addresses pain and
tension through a combination of Body work and ground-work exercises.

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