Cullinghood Equestrian centre

Rapid Eventing NEW for 2009 - Cullinghood’s version of Express Eventing

Just like normal eventing there are 3 Stages, the dressage stage will be completed by all in the morning.  The Showjumping and Cross Country course are combined in one area, where you will need to complete the showjumping course first and then it is off to the “Pit Stop”.  In the Pit Stop you will be required to dismount and change into your X-Country tunic and Silk, complete a task like putting a bridle together or completing a questionnaire (The task will be the same for everyone but may differ on different events). You then remount and go on, to complete the X-Country Stage.  Normal rules on each discipline apply but the time section will be the Pit Stop or the Showjumping and Pit Stop together.  

It’s great to watch as it is all held in one area and great fun for all abilities.


X-Country / Showjumping NEW for 2009.

Doing a lot of showingjumping? and not enough X-Country, well this event is for you. Both you and your horse can gain confidence on a X-Country course with an option of unfixed fences.

Next to each cross country fence there will be a showjumping fence.  You can choose either to take the X-Country fence or the showjump, whichever one you like the look of.   The rules will be 4 faults for a knock down on a showjumping fence and 3 faults for a refusal on either fence.  In an event of a fall riders will not be allowed to remount.

3 Day Eventing – an old favourite.

Your 3 Disciplines will be run over 3 consecutive Saturdays.  Dressage on the first Saturday, Cross Country on the Second and then followed by Showjumping on the third Saturday.  You must enter the same class each week to qualifier for the overall prizes.  You can do as many classes as you like on each day.

A perfect way to get lots of practice in between each stage.