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Herons Farm, Buckhold, Pangbourne, Royal Berkshire, RG8 8QA


Show & Event Schedule for 2012


Cullinghood shows are kindly supported by

 + WBRRC West Berkshire Rapid Response Cars for First Aid provision +


Day Date Event Time

Sunday  12th February Clear Round Showjumping  1pm Schedule HAS BE RESCHEDULE FOR 26TH FEBRUARY DUE TO WEATHER
Saturday  18th February Beginners Showjumping 1pm Schedule
Friday  2nd March  Clear Round Showjumping  4pm Schedule
Sunday  25thMarch  Unaffliated Showjumping 10am Schedule
Friday  6th April  Clear Round Showjumping 
Monday 9th April  Cross Country 
Sunday  22nd April  Unaffliated Showjumping
Saturday  28th April  Unaffliated Dressage 
Friday  4th May Clear Round Showjumping 
Monday  7th May  Dressage & Showjumping 
Sunday  27th May  Unaffliated Showjumping
Friday  1st June  Clear Round Showjumping 
Monday  4th June  Showing/showjumping/dressage 
Sunday  24th June  Mini Hickstead 
Friday  6th July  Clear Round Showjumping 
Sunday  22nd July  Unaffliated Showjumping
Saturday  28th July  Unaffliated Dressage 
Friday  3rd August  Clear Round Showjumping 
Saturday  11th August  Beginners Showjumping
Monday  27th August  Show Jumping & Cross Country
Friday  7th September  Clear Round Showjumping 
Sunday  23rd September   Unaffliated Showjumping
Sunday  30th September  Cross Country 
Sunday 7th October  Clear Round Showjumping 
Sunday  21st October  Unaffliated Showjumping
Saturday  27th October  Beginners Showjumping
Sunday  4th November  Clear Round Showjumping 
Saturday  17th November Unaffliated Dressage 
Sunday  25th November  Unaffliated Showjumping
Sunday  16th December  Christmas Show 
For our rules and entry forms click HERE


Please note: Dates and events are subject to change.  We may add events to our schedule throughout the year so please see our website for further details or call 

the yard office on (0118) 974 5228 to confirm event details. 




Herons Farm - Pangbourne - Royal Berkshire - RG8 8QA

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