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Mechanical Horse Simulator

The Horse Simulator
The Racewood Dressage Horse Simulator is our newest addition to Cullinghood Equestrian Centre.  It is life sized, standing around 15.2hh and like a real horse takes every different type of saddle; GP, Dressage, etc. It has six paces and it is sensitive to leg, hand and seat pressure. The horse is capable of replicating complicated dressage movements, such as Piaffe, Passage, Half Pass & Flying Changes. The simulator is surrounded by mirrors, with a tv screen in front of you showing your movements whilst riding.

horse riding simulator

Perfect your Riding with the Interactive Computer
The horse simulator can be used with an interactive computer screen that enables the rider to actually ride a dressage test. Alternatively, you can practise riding school figures, transitions and dressage movements. Much can be learned from recording the performance and replaying it immediately on screen.  The interactive computer also relays your body position and how your body moves with the Mechanical Horse Simulator.  If you are one sided or too heavy in the saddle the computer will highlight this on the screen.  This then helps as an aid to yourself and your instructor on correcting any inbalances.

How does it help?
Where a real horse may become tired and unstimulated, this horse performs to order. 'Unlearning' a 'wrong' posture can be difficult. The mechanical horse gives the rider a chance to practise a different balance taking this feel to the real horse.

The simulator is excellent for assessing/improving technique in experienced riders, both for jumping and flatwork. It also helps build confidence in nervous or 'returning' riders, as it removes the unpredictability of riding a living animal.

Who does it help?
It can help anyone but specifically it helps:-

Dressage Riders
Event Riders
Endurance GB Elite Squad Riders
Para riders.
Novice Riders
Rehabilitation - it is excellent for building up muscles and after injury/surgery
Anyone who wants develop a more balanced way of riding.

We will be offering discounted prices, prices will then rise as shown below.

Simulator Hourly Charge 60.00  This includes a Trainer.

Simulator 30 mins Charge 35.00  This includes a Trainer. 

Simulator Group Bookings  Charge 30 each for a group of 4 people for 1 hour.

Pony Clubs and Riding Clubs often book group sessions. These are very popular as people learn from watching others receive instruction on the simulator, If you would like to book a group session on the Mechanical Horse please contact us for prices.

One and two day clinics are available.

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