Cross Country / Show Jumping Disclaimer Form


I can confirm that I have walked the course, inspected the fences including cups and direction of connecting pins, ground conditions and I will do this every time prior to using the course.  I also accept that I ride the course entirely at my own risk and that of my horse or assistant and accept that no liability or blame will be attached to Cullinghood.


I understand that signing this form becomes the basis of a contract between me and Cullinghood.


I can confirm that I hold public liability insurance and that I hold a valid horse passport which can be produced on request if required by the authorities.


I have read and will comply with the rules set by Cullinghood whilst using the cross country course.


Client Signature (Parent /Guardian if under 18)


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Rules of Cullinghood cross country / show jumping use.


It is a condition of entry that Cullinghood, the organisers, the landowner, or any site/official do not accept liability for accident, loss, damage, injury or illness or for anything that may happen to horses, owners, riders, spectators or any other person or their property whatsoever, however caused.


No dogs permitted on the cross country course.

Anyone using the course must have a companion with a mobile telephone in case of emergency and knowledge of first aid is advisable.


The cross country field is for fence schooling only and is not to be used as general exercise galloping area.


Consideration must be given at all times to other horses/riders. i.e. only one horse at a time per fence unless riding as a pair. No overtaking without permission from the other rider.


The course contains no dressing fences therefore, if riding in pairs horses are not to jump abreast of each other and must go one behind the other.


All Field gates must be closed whilst the field is in use and once you have left the field please ensure that all gates are closed.


Please refrain from sitting or climbing over the fences.


Damage to fences, I accept that I must cover the cost of repair or replacement should I or my horse cause any damage.